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Dixie....One of our beautiful Labradoodles owned by Robert & Carol Clemens of Hilton Head, SC



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Olivia and Boss King 3 years later....The Gritt, A Very Loving Pet




Olivia McKinney with Boss King, our Gritt puppy

from very 1st litter

Outstanding Family Companion

Cookin’ Up a Pot of Gritts

As any good Southerner knows, it takes a little elbow grease and a lot of time to cook up a perfect pot of grits. This particular pot started simmering in Texas early last summer, came to a boil in South Carolina, and finally was served up fresh and furry at four o’clock on a cold, damp January morning.

Now if you know anything at all about grits, you’re probably wondering about the “furry” part. But that just happens to be the secret ingredient. Maybe you also noticed that I’ve added an extra “t” to my pot of Gritts. That’s because they’re so darn special. Well, this is your lucky day... I’m gonna share the recipe:

Ingredients:      One Golden Retriever (Lady)

One Brittany Spaniel (Baca)


Directions:       Turn the lights down low and the music up.

Introduce the soon-to-be young lovers and leave. They’ll blend well privately.

Wave as Baca swaggers away with a smile.

Let Lady simmer and stew for about sixty days.

Serve:              A BASKET OF GRITTS — 7 of the best, most unique puppies ever!

                        (see photo)

            Sounds simple, huh? “Hooking up” two of the most beloved pet breeds to create puppies that surely can’t lose in the department of intelligence, fun, and companionship. Anyone who’s been within shouting distance of me over the past few months, however, can tell you it wasn’t all that simple. Though not included in the recipe above, a dash of dreaming and a giant dollop of mule-headedness make all the difference.

                My Facebook friends may recall my earlier posts about how it all started with a dream and one phone call to a total stranger—Bob Drinkard of JaBo Kennels near Greenwood, SC. When I saw Bob’s website and realized he raised champion American Brittany Spaniels and Golden Retrievers, I took a chance and dialed his number. “Have you ever considered breeding a Brittany with a Golden?”

“Well, no,” he said, “and I haven’t heard of anyone else doing it either.”

With my best Texas drawl, I began to explain why I thought it would be a great idea. I even tried tugging on his heartstrings by mentioning the loss of my Brittany mutt, Jake, and what a fine dog he had been. A southern gentleman, Bob let me down easy, patiently agreeing it probably would be a great mix, but he just couldn’t do it. He would e-mail me photos of his current puppies, though. Sure… fine… whatever.

Less than an hour later, my Inbox pinged. I sat down and read Bob’s first line: “You’re not going to believe this. I thought about it, walked outside and put Bart, my best Brittany, in the pen with Sassy, a Golden barely still in heat. Bart took one look at Sassy’s soulful eyes, and the rest is history! If she takes, don’t let me down. I’m not even going to tell my wife. Don’t know how that happened. An accident I guess.” It was the first of July 2011, but if you were near my house that day you would have thought you were hearing Fourth of July fireworks going off in celebration.

Although our first effort wasn’t successful, that phone call was the start of what became a magnificent obsession and led at long last to this basket of beauties. Watch this site for updates on the puppies’ progress and more photos. Y’all come back now!  

Written by: Paula Yost of Texas

The Fine  Lady that called that July day

looking for the soon to be famous Gritts Breed!!






   We look forward to talking to prospective owners and helping them find the perfect pet. So please give us a call if you are interested in learning more. We are always excited to brag about our dogs and puppies.

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