At JaBo Kennels, we have received a lot of requests for Gritts, which are Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel mix puppies, and it’s easy to see why. Aside from being absolutely adorable, our Gritts for sale in SC are also known for being reliable hunting dogs and for encapsulating all of the excellent characteristics that make Golden Retrievers and American Brittanys such great dogs. It’s why people continue to come back to us over and over again for our litters of famous Gritts.

When you purchase Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel mix puppies from JaBo Kennels, we want you to feel 100 percent confident in the health and overall quality of your pup. All of our Gritts for sale in SC have been properly cared for since birth and have been given all of the attention and love they need to grow up happy and healthy. As with all of our dog breeds, we aim to raise puppies that are very social and that will offer you the companionship you are looking for. While the bloodline makes our Gritts great hunting companions, it doesn’t matter if you plan to train your puppy for excursions or not. Our Gritt puppies will be just as happy to hang around at home with you and the family.

If you have never seen Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel mix puppies before, we welcome you to pay close attention to our website and Facebook page for updates on available litters. We routinely have Gritts for sale in SC and would love to introduce you to this incredible breed. We know that you will fall in love with them within just minutes, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have you been thinking about adding Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel mix puppies to your home? Give JaBo Kennels a call at 864-993-8482 today.

Next litters of our Famous Gritts, will be next Spring, more info to follow as time gets closer.